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Data Parameters
Project Name: BUCK
Symbol: BUCK
Algo: Equihash (Zcash)
Protocol: Overwinter + Sapling
Project Website:
Start Date Genesis Block mined on January 19, 2018
Distribution: Mining (POW) Proof of Work
Dev Fee or Tax?: No
Github Project Repos:
Linux Source Code:
Precompiled Linux Binaries:
BitcoinTalk Announcement:
Block Explorer:
Maximum Money Supply: 1,000,000,000 BUCK (1 billion BUCK)
Current Money Supply:
Decimal Positions: 8
Project Whitepaper:
Project Logos:
Contact: team *#*at*#* BUCK *&*dot*&* black
Node/Wallet Integration: BUCK is a ZCash fork started from scratch as block zero. Integrating BUCK into your exchange will be very simple utilizing standard Zcash wallet RPC calls

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